ExEm Foam® Kit

ExEm Foam® Kit - A New Way of Assessing Tubal Patency

What is tubal patency?

A tubal patency test determines whether or not there are blockages in the fallopian tubes. In order to become pregnant, the fallopian tubes must be open or “patent”.

How does it work?

This high quality imaging is facilitated by mixing the ExEm gel with purified water to create a viscous foam. A catheter is then used to infuse this foam through the uterine cavity into the fallopian tubes to check for tubal patency by acting as a contrast medium. High quality ultrasound images subsequently show superior visualization of the fallopian tube contours.

What will it determine?

If the natural flow of the foam is not visible, there may be a blockage in one orboth of the tubes. (Refer to Figure 1 and 2)

The ExEm® Foam Kit: How It Works

About ExEm® Foam and Tubal Patency Testing